And of course there’s the “Supermum” or the “Yummy Mummy” stereotype dog dildos, richoteting across media headlines. Yet one disgruntled blogger writes that it’s virtually impossible to keep up. “How could you possibly do everything and also have a flat tummy after childbirth?” she sneers. dog dildo He could notRead More →

Photo: Janelle ParkHarmony Lloyd’s Grade 7 Science Class recently got down to “beesnus” on a Wildsight EcoStewards project to help support native bees.As bee populations are struggling, students learned about their local bee pollinators kanken, built a habitat for them, and released the bees at two city parks, the localRead More →

quite embarrassing and touching question sex toys The positions are limited to basically only missionary or doggy. My boyfriend also loves this for massaging his prostate, not only does he love the feel of the bumps entering him slowly one by one, once in I can get angled just rightRead More →